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La Frontera Saga: A new take on the drug World

My first novel is on sale! What if a drug cartel decided to pay taxes on their earnings and unilaterally renounce violence? How much would a cartel have to spend in what economists call transfer payments to make a dramatic impact on the poor rural community in Northern Mexico? Will the other cartels see this as a sign of weakness

Bragging Rights

I just had to tell someone so please excuse this bit of bragging on my part. I was writing something* and I …


No one could ever accuse me of being a vegan, but when a recipe calls for chicken and eggs, it just seems …

I’m in Print; Read Me!

Soon to be a household name, you can find my books and stories here.

About John Scheck

I’ve lived in four countries on three continents. In no particular order, these include Lower Queen Anne in Seattle; the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru, during a university exchange program; the Glyfada area of greater Athens, Greece, as part of my short and distinguished service in the U.S. Air Force; and now the Ruzafa neighborhood in sunny Valencia, Spain, is home.