John scheck


Humor is, without a doubt, the most subjective literary form, and the author reassures readers that if they don’t find any of these 80 essays funny, it probably means that they are normal, well-adjusted human beings. For the rest of you, these sometimes penetrating, sometimes disturbing comedy pieces touch on topics ranging from gym teachers, to the war on Christmas. Sharp as a razor, edgy humor directed at every aspect of modern society, and out-of-work rodeo clowns.

Critical acclaim for Nothing Personal:

“His writing is the moral equivalent of a really bad, really long drum solo.”
– Tattoos & Beards Gazette

“It has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi.’ How do you say ‘Not Funny’ in French?”
– Moscow Times

“Never have I found the words ‘The End’ to be so comforting.”
– Vegan Examiner

“My only hope is that through the miracle of recycling, this eBook will end up as something remotely useful…like a drink coaster.”
– National Lobotomist

“If Police Academy VI were an eBook, Nothing Personal would be the sequel.
– Competitive Knitting Review

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