John scheck


La Frontera Saga

A New Take on the Drug World

Can the world’s biggest drug organization do business like a Fortune 500 company? Diego Valverde, a native of exceptionally peaceful and heavily taxed Spain, convinces the head of the Sinaloa Cartel to implement a program to improve the lives of the rural poor in Mexico through direct payments from drug profits, a form of self-taxation on their enormous illegal gains. Diego’s plan also calls for a unilateral renunciation of violence. While this strategy removes them from the radar of America anti-drug forces, it’s seen as a sign of weakness by the nihilistically murderous Zeta Cartel.

Two exceptionally talented DEA agents, one a cynical U.S. Army war veteran, the other an ambitious young woman, lead the American law enforcement interdiction effort with the aid of an incorruptible colonel in the Mexican Special Forces with a hand-picked team of elite soldiers. Another major player siding with the authorities is the head of security for Sinaloa who proves to be a ruthless warrior and invaluable in this war with the Zeta Cartel that becomes a deadly cat and mouse game of ambushes, intimidation, renditions, and assassination.

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